The Wyman Group provides broker relationships for health insurance and ancillary coverages, as well as consulting for ERISA/partially self-funded plans.  We also offer services for HSA/HRA plans, FSA plans, and PPACA and HIPAA compliance.

The Wyman Group operates above the marketplace in four distinct areas:


We know that not all brokers and consultants are created equally, and some are better than others.  Our long-time experience and commitment to education have led us to become the preeminent broker in central Illinois and the largest producer for the majority of major carriers.  We leverage our associations and affiliations with many industry leaders in order to make certain the client is best served.


In an industry with such turmoil and uncertainty, we utilize cost-containment methods, programs, and companies that fit your desire to maximize your health care dollars.  From proper benefit drivers to wellness programs to technology integration, our ideas are leading the central Illinois community.


This is not an area we just talk about, we truly live it.  We help with any issue imaginable including COBRA/HIPAA compliance, payroll management, claim assistance and resolution, legal guidance, and document creation.  We pride ourselve on toll-free, 24-hour contact availability


With mandates from PPACA, other federal and state agencies, and insurance carriers coming on a seemingly daily basis, we make certain your plan is in compliance with all major laws.  Moreover, we are continually educating ourselves so that we can pass along that knowledge to you.  Finally, we conduct our own employee meetings, ensuring that your employees understand their benefit offering in their entirety.